August 23, 2017

Looking for Help to Manage the Demands of Work?

Get tips from a nursing wellness expert


The Zielony Institute provides wellness programs for its nurses and encourages them to incorporate wellness into their daily routine. Earlier this year, Cleveland Clinic Nursing Wellness Expert Holli Blazey MSN, ANP-BC, decided to share her knowledge with a wider audience when she hosted the “Wellness for Working Individuals” webchat. During the hour-long Q&A with listeners, she provided some innovative techniques to help people achieve better health and alleviate workplace stress.


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Now, this conversation is available anytime. If you are in the nursing profession or a busy professional, be sure to read this full transcript on ways to achieve wellness and balanced living.

Like so many careers today, nursing can be highly stressful. While a manageable amount of stress can be healthy and provide the push you need to meet a deadline, unmanaged or chronic stress can become a serious problem. Check out her proven wellness tips, and learn how you can incorporate them into your busy professional life.

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