child using exercise ball
April 30, 2024/Pediatrics/Rehabilitation

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapy Program Offers Holistic Care

Novel program is life changing for patients and families

Child rubbing her aching head

Innovations in Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation

Self-efficacy mindset, burst therapy and increased biofeedback may help improve outcomes

November 6, 2023/Pediatrics/Rehabilitation

Physical Exercises as a Tool To Measure Clinical Improvement in Pediatric Chronic Pain

6 objective measures to assess pain and evaluate progress

23-CHP-3990360 CQD Sabet Holman – On Time Mobility
September 29, 2023/Pediatrics/Rehabilitation

Novel Framework Promotes Mobility Equity and Prioritization

Recognizing mobility as a human right is instrumental to change


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22-CHP-3188970 CQD-Agarwal-Pavia-Peds Hem-Onc Mobility-650×450
March 10, 2023/Neurosciences

Integrating Rehabilitation Mobility Therapy Services During Active Cancer Therapy

How ‘Let’s Get Moving!’ is improving physical activity in children undergoing cancer treatment

December 2, 2022/Pediatrics/Rehabilitation

Approaches for Academic Advancement Within Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Physicians in the field should tout an array of accomplishments to achieve well-deserved recognition

complex regional pain syndrome
November 17, 2022/Neurosciences

Case Study: The Overlap of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Functional Neurologic Disorder in Pediatrics

Two complex conditions with clinical and diagnostic similarities

22-CHP-2652659 CQD-Everett-Nonprofit Youth Arts Program Grant650x450
November 4, 2022/Pediatrics/Rehabilitation

Hip-Hop Music as a Tool in Trauma-Based Care for Adolescent Patients

How lyric writing, song production is helping patients ‘reclaim their power’

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