Strive To Be At Your Best In 2018

Commit to nursing wellness this year

By Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN, NE-BC

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As we enjoy the refreshing start of another new year, nursing caregivers everywhere have an opportunity to renew their resolve to live well and be healthy.

All too often, those in the nursing profession focus so much on caring for others that they fail to properly care for themselves. Coupled with the fact that the demands of the job can be highly stressful, the pace can be extremely fast, and there always seems to be a shortage of time – it can certainly be challenging for nurses to give themselves the personal attention they need.

However, the truth is that when a nurse’s personal health and wellness suffer, job performance also tends to suffer. Many experts, including Cleveland Clinic’s own Nursing Wellness Expert Holli Blazey, MSN, ANP-BC, agree: “to be your best, you have to be at your best.”

Contrary to popular belief, being at your best doesn’t mean jumping on the latest fad diet or 30-day workout program. It’s committing health and wellness to your daily lifestyle. For example:

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  • Eating nutritious, healthy foods
  • Performing daily physical activity
  • Acknowledging and becoming resilient to stress
  • Achieving and maintaining an ideal weight
  • Ensuring adequate sleep
  • Getting yearly physicals

Achieving a lifestyle of health and wellness

Throughout the last year and longer Cleveland Clinic’s nursing wellness experts have offered numerous tips and recommendations to help nurses lead healthier lifestyles, alleviate burnout and find balance in work and home.

Below is a selection of the most popular nursing health and wellness articles on Cleveland Clinic’s Consult QD website for reference as you strive to be at your best in 2018.

Additional nursing health and wellness ideas

For nurse leaders looking for unique ways to encourage health and wellness among nursing teams, consider partnering with a wellness organization. Within Cleveland Clinic health system, the Stanley Shalom Zielony Institute for Nursing Excellence often partners with our Wellness Institute to create ongoing health and wellness resources and activities.

For example, we offer tools such as our “Stress Free Now” 6-week online program for reducing stress and e-coaching for creating sustainable behavior change.

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Additionally, at the close of each year, we host a Nursing Wellness Retreat. Cleveland Clinic’s 2017 Nursing Wellness Retreat included a selection of group sessions from wellness experts on topics such as: culinary medicine, yoga and relaxation, stress and resilience, and Zumba®, as well as a CEU opportunity on proper sleep. The event also featured various vendors, foods and drinks, massage and Reiki therapies, prizes, gift bags, and more.

Kelly Hancock is the Executive Chief Nursing Officer of the Cleveland Clinic Health System, and Chief Nursing Officer of Cleveland Clinic Main Campus.

Follow Kelly on Twitter at @kkellyhancock.