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August 23, 2022/Neurosciences/Epilepsy

Black Line Sign Shows Promise as a Noninvasive Marker for Focal Cortical Dysplasia IIB

Mounting support for the newly described microstructure from a 7T MRI and electroclinicopathologic study

December 2, 2020/Neurosciences/Podcast

How 7T MRI Is Shaping the Care of Diverse Neurological Conditions (Podcast)

Insights gleaned from six years with the high-definition imaging technology

7T MRI showing a small focal cortical dysplasia
December 7, 2019/Neurosciences/Research

7T MRI Adds Critical Information for Epilepsy Presurgical Evaluation

Clinically significant lesions detected in nearly half of patients with no lesions on 3T MRI


Detecting Epileptogenic Spikes Using Ultrafast 7T EEG-fMRI with 3D Paradigm Free Mapping

Ultrahigh field strength increases detection sensitivity and temporal resolution


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Making the Most of Brain MRI Through Computer-Assisted Morphometric Assessment

How the technique is improving noninvasive epilepsy localization

November 13, 2017/Neurosciences/Research

NIH Grant Fuels Study of Mechanisms Behind Lithium’s Bipolar Benefits

Pairing 7T MRI with gene expression analysis to probe molecular and brain changes

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