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August 4, 2023/Clinical Cardiology

How the New ACC/AHA Guideline on Aortic Disease Is Starting to Shape Practice

Impacts include major emphases on multidisciplinary teams, shared decision-making

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June 14, 2023/Education

Come to Cleveland in September for Unmatched Aortic Disease Education

Popular CME course takes a soup-to-nuts approach with a diverse faculty and inventive programming

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September 28, 2022/Case Study

Off-Label Endovascular Intervention for Giant Aortic Arch Aneurysm: A Case Study

Necessity breeds innovation when patient doesn’t qualify for standard treatment or trials


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July 23, 2021/Cardiac Surgery

Ultra-Hybrid Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: Insights From the Largest Experience to Date

A staged hybrid strategy respects the chronic nature of thoracic aortic disease

May 24, 2019/Education

6 Reasons Not to Miss This Aortic Dissection CME Event

CLE Cares symposium explores the condition like nothing before

October 11, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

4 Likely Trends in Endovascular Therapy for Aortic and Peripheral Vascular Disease

Leading aortic and vascular surgeons assess what’s on the horizon

Heart CME
February 5, 2018/Education

CME Symposia at ACC.18 Take on Aortic Disease and Integrated Heart Failure Care

Join us for one of these March 9 dinner symposia in Orlando

The Great Vessel
December 3, 2015/News & Insights

New Lessons on the Great Vessel

Large volumes yield novel insights in aortic diseases

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