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Tag: concussion

October 17, 2022/Neurosciences/Podcast

Pro Athletes Brain Health Study: The First 10 Years (Podcast)

Longitudinal study is refining understanding of repetitive head impacts in active and retired athletes


Concussion App Identifies Red Flag Symptoms and Streamlines Injury Reporting

App aids clinical management and documentation of sport-related concussion injuries

How many fingers am I holding up?
September 4, 2018/Neurosciences/News & Insights

Mild Head Injury in Children: Limit Imaging to High-Risk Cases

New CDC guideline issued on diagnosing and managing pediatric mTBI

April 18, 2018/Neurosciences

Concussion in the NFL: Study Shows Significant Detrimental Effects in the Short Term

Career longevity, finances, performance all negatively affected


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March 24, 2017/Neurosciences/Outcomes

Data Snapshots: How a Mobile App Is Shaping Young Athletes’ Concussion Care

Empowering athletic trainers to better assess, report and monitor head injury

August 8, 2016/Neurosciences/Case Study

When Concussion Symptoms Persist, There’s No Substitute for Comprehensive Care

Teen’s case underscores 3 takeaways for managing intractable symptoms

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