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March 30, 2023/Digestive/Research

Vaccination Mitigates Increased Risk of COVID Hospitalization in Celiac Patients, Study Finds

Results from the large, single-center, retrospective study have multiple implications for preventive care

LRI_2875909_04-21-22_Ted Ross

Where We’re Headed with Vaccine Research: A Conversation with Ted Ross, PhD

Cleveland Clinic’s new Global Director of Vaccine Development outlines plans, priorities

COVID-19 vaccine preparation

Fostering Technical Efficiency to Expedite COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Several departments came together to devise an equitable roadmap for how to best support and protect our communities


Retired Nurses Lend a Hand by Putting Their Expertise to “Work”

Retiree group provides vaccines, administers tests amid pandemic-related surge


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21-WHI-2594194 – Phys Success Story on Overcoming a Patient_s Vaccine Hesitancy_650x450
January 5, 2022/COVID-19

‘Most Unvaccinated People Are Not Anti-Vaxxers’

Ob/Gyn explains how she helps patients overcome COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

covid-19 virus
December 20, 2021/COVID-19

The Rise of Omicron and the Fall of Delta? Epidemiologists Monitor the New Variant

Pediatric infectious disease expert says omicron is likely more transmissible than the delta variant

December 2, 2021/COVID-19

How to Address Common COVID-19 Vaccine Myths With Patients

Experts address myths about long-term effects, fertility concerns and more

September 30, 2021/COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines in Patients with Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

Clinical guidance for our most vulnerable patients

COVID vaccine and fertility
August 25, 2021/COVID-19

COVID-19 Vaccines and Fertility

‘The best time to get vaccinated is now’

April 26, 2021/COVID-19

Rare Thrombosis Linked to J&J Vaccine: What to Look For, How to Manage It

Essentials of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis from a neurointensive care/stroke specialist

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