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App-Based Remote Monitoring of Pacemakers Boosts Transmission Success Rates

International study finds 94.6% success for scheduled transmissions, good patient acceptance

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Integrating Smart Device ECGs Into Practice: A Model May Be at Hand

Pilot study supports feasibility when paired with a cloud-based platform


Digital Health in Electrophysiology and Beyond: The Potential and the Challenges

Review offers comprehensive assessment of the landscape for wearables and more

Pregnant woman on telemedicine call
November 23, 2020/Leadership

Rethinking the Delivery of Ob/Gyn Care

What to expect from distance health going forward


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How Digital Tools for Patients Are Reshaping Care for Cardiometabolic Disorders

Latest systems combine continuous glucose monitoring with automatic basal insulin delivery

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September 22, 2020/COVID-19

An Inside Look at Developing the Digital Health Playbook

The road to telehealth during the pandemic


Digital Remote Blood Pressure Management: Has Its Time Come?

Keys to success include a team-based approach and integration into clinical workflow

May 12, 2020/COVID-19

Communicating with Patients in a New World of Virtual Visits

New skills are required for conveying empathy via video chat

April 17, 2020/COVID-19

Cleveland Clinic’s Digital Health Playbook

Telehealth materials for rapid adoption and scaling in a pandemic

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