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Hyperglycemia in hospital setting
May 22, 2023/Research

Multi-Pronged Strategies Key to Reducing Hospital-Related Hyperglycemic Events

Cleveland Clinic endocrinologists work to identify protocols for improving care

endocrinology and geriatrics

Endocrine Care with a Focus on Aging Stronger, Faster, Better

Building the bridge between endocrinology and geriatrics

Patient counseling

Reducing the Transition Care Gap for Patients with Obesity

Cleveland Clinic’s Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute is working to better prepare pediatric patients with obesity for adult care, and a new fellowship program is one way they are closing the transition gap

Diabetes care
October 14, 2021/Research

Systematic Review Reinforces the Importance of Empowering Non-Physician Providers in Diabetes Care

Findings suggest that the effectiveness of interventions may depend more on the frequency and delivery methods of the intervention rather than who is delivering the intervention


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March 28, 2017/Research

Study: PSMF Diet Shown To Provide Long-term Weight Loss

Success associated with refeeding counseling

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