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February 27, 2019/News & Insights

New Chair Aims to Keep ACTRIMS Up to Pace with Dynamism of the Multiple Sclerosis Field

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen on ACTRIMS Forum 2019 and trends in the subspecialty

April 23, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Generics and Biosimilars in Multiple Sclerosis: Navigating a New Therapy Landscape

What neurologists need to know about this emerging development

December 29, 2017/News & Insights

Updated McDonald Criteria for MS Diagnosis Are Out: Q&A with the Revision Co-Chair

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen says changes streamline diagnosis and extend scope to new populations

April 25, 2017/Insight & Perspectives

Stem Cell Therapies for Neurological Diseases: The Devil’s in the Details

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen on the challenges that temper the promise


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April 25, 2017/Research

RADIANCE Extension: Ozanimod’s Favorable Effects in Relapsing MS Endure to Two Years

Continued benefit on MRI activity without first-dose cardiac effects

January 19, 2016/Insight & Perspectives

A Long-Awaited Gateway to Generics for Multiple Sclerosis

Q&A with lead author of the GATE trial

March 26, 2015/Advancing Patient Care

Results of GATE Trial Pave Way for More-Affordable MS Therapy

Generic glatiramer acetate proves equivalent to Copaxone®

March 12, 2015/Research

Stem Cell Therapy for MS Gets Green Light in First U.S. Clinical Trial

No safety issues or signs of MS activation

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