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Masked Medical Appointment
March 21, 2022/Transplant

Pilot Study to Create Automated Referral Process for Kidney Transplants

The process could improve access and equity for patients with end-stage kidney disease

September 2, 2021/Transplant

Many High-Priority Patients Not Placed on Kidney Transplant Waitlist

Demographic and social factors found to influence preemptive listing

March 26, 2021/Transplant

Access to Kidney Transplantation Unchanged Over 20 Years

New interventions and policies haven’t increased wait-listing


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Patient in wheelchair, black woman
January 7, 2020/Diabetes & Endocrinology

Surgical Outcomes Linked to Geographic Measures of Socioeconomic Status and Deprivation

Odds of mortality increase as geographic distress increases, study finds

December 21, 2017/Urology & Nephrology/Research

Seeking Answers to the Big Questions in Renal Disease

Revitalized research program gets infusions of staff and dollars

650×450-ED Transplant GettyImages-510389864
July 12, 2017/Transplant

Emergency Department Use after Kidney Transplant: Who is Likely to Visit and Why?

Study parses out the numbers; suggests paths to appropriate use

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