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Etiology of Mitral Valve Disease: What’s the Impact of Sex and Time?

Despite shifts in etiology over time, sex differences persist


MitraClip Drives Down Deaths, HF Hospitalization in Secondary Mitral Regurgitation

COAPT trial gives boost to transcatheter mitral valve repair in selected heart failure patients


‘Cardiac Consult’ Breaks the Sound Barrier: Introducing a New Cleveland Clinic Podcast

Weekly episodes to explore cardiovascular research, controversies, practice trends


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Transcatheter Therapy for Mitral Valve Bioprosthesis Failure: Who’s a Good Candidate?

Analysis of large re-replacement surgery cohort pinpoints key characteristics


Genetic Control of Left Atrial Gene Expression: A New Window into AFib Risk

Study’s genome-wide catalog should fuel investigations

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Demystifying Mitral Valve Repair (Video)

These 5 techniques can repair 95 percent of degenerative valves

Mitral Valve Repair

NHLBI CTSN Trial Nudges Practice Toward Mitral Valve Replacement for Severe Ischemic MR

Replacement procedures surge while repairs ebb in wake of study publication

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