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January 24, 2019/Research

Etiology of Mitral Valve Disease: What’s the Impact of Sex and Time?

Despite shifts in etiology over time, sex differences persist

October 1, 2018/Research

MitraClip Drives Down Deaths, HF Hospitalization in Secondary Mitral Regurgitation

COAPT trial gives boost to transcatheter mitral valve repair in selected heart failure patients

September 24, 2018/News & Insights

‘Cardiac Consult’ Breaks the Sound Barrier: Introducing a New Cleveland Clinic Podcast

Weekly episodes to explore cardiovascular research, controversies, practice trends

18-HRT-482_650x450 Robotic heart surgery

Finessing Success in Robotically Assisted Heart Surgery (Video)

Essentials for patients and referring physicians


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In Degenerative Mitral Valve Repair, Disease Complexity Affects Only Durability, Not Other Outcomes
May 30, 2018/Outcomes

In Degenerative Mitral Valve Repair, Disease Complexity Affects Only Durability, Not Other Outcomes

Findings support early surgical referral regardless of valve pathology

May 1, 2018/Research

Transcatheter Therapy for Mitral Valve Bioprosthesis Failure: Who’s a Good Candidate?

Analysis of large re-replacement surgery cohort pinpoints key characteristics

18-HRT-240-Maze procedure-650×450
April 23, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

3 Things Heart Surgeons Need to Know About the Maze Procedure (Video)

Dr. Marc Gillinov on essentials of surgical treatment of AFib


Genetic Control of Left Atrial Gene Expression: A New Window into AFib Risk

Study’s genome-wide catalog should fuel investigations

Hero Image_1

Demystifying Mitral Valve Repair (Video)

These 5 techniques can repair 95 percent of degenerative valves

Mitral Valve Repair
January 29, 2018/Research

NHLBI CTSN Trial Nudges Practice Toward Mitral Valve Replacement for Severe Ischemic MR

Replacement procedures surge while repairs ebb in wake of study publication

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