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Loud and Clear: Speaking Up for Patient Safety (Podcast)

As advocates for their patients, nurses need to be empowered to raise concerns about potential issues

abortion as medical care
January 19, 2023/Maternal-Fetal Medicine

When Desired Pregnancies Lead to Painful Choices

Reproductive health specialists discuss tough-case abortion care

November 29, 2022/Bioethics

New Faculty Fellowship Prepares Nurses to Navigate Moral Challenges

Program focuses on nurturing ethics leaders in daily practice

Lung transplant
March 8, 2022/Lung Transplant

Consensus Document Offers New Guidance for Lung Transplants

Criteria reflect a rethinking of some contraindications


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December 28, 2021/Bioethics

When a Surrogate Decision-Maker Wants Medically Futile Treatment

Medical, ethical and legal considerations

December 10, 2021/Bioethics

Medical, Ethical and Legal Aspects of End-of-Life Dilemmas in the ICU

What to do when a patient refuses recommended emergency medical care

Germline genome editing
October 5, 2021/Bioethics

When the Time Comes: Developing a Complete View of the Risks of Research Studies of Human Germline Genome Editing

Ethical considerations must include the impact on those who would carry children with modified genomes


Healthcare Costs: We Must Do Better

As healers and as citizens

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