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illustration of mitral valve with male/female symbol overlay
February 12, 2024/Heart Valve Disease

Long-Term Outcomes of Mitral Valve Repair for Degenerative MR Worse in Women Than Men

A call for surgical guidelines to adopt sex-specific thresholds of LV size and function

23-HVI-3691658 mitral-valve-repair_650x450
April 11, 2023/Heart Valve Disease

Secrets to Success in Mitral Valve Repair

The cultural and technical factors promoting repair durability and a mortality-free stretch of 4,000+ cases

echocardiogram showing severe atrial functional mitral regurgitation
May 11, 2021/Heart Valve Disease

Severe Atrial Functional Mitral Regurgitation: Study Presents Most Detailed Profile to Date

Findings reveal lower survival, fewer interventions relative to primary MR


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For Success in Mitral Valve Repair, Follow These 10 Commandments

Editorial lays out best practices from three Cleveland Clinic surgeons

November 11, 2019/Leadership Highlights

No. 2 Medical Innovation for 2020: Expanded Use of Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery

FDA makes MitraClip available to more patients with mitral regurgitation

August 9, 2019/Insight & Perspectives

Mitral Valve Disease: When and How to Intervene?

Practical insights from two world experts in medical and surgical management

Imaging Mitral Regurgitation in Pursuit of Progression Predictors

Imaging Mitral Regurgitation in Pursuit of Progression Predictors

Cleveland Clinic cardiologist outlines her research progress and vision


MitraClip Reaches Real-World Use in U.S., but Population Refinement Remains

Filling unmet needs for nonsurgical mitral regurgitation therapy

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