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Mandibular Advancement Devices in the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Podcast)

A look at how custom-fitted oral appliances work and when they’re a good fit for patients

HNS device implantation

Considering HNS as an Alternative for PAP When Treating OSA

New findings suggest that the therapy is associated with sustained improvements regarding insomnia, depression and quality of life

February 1, 2021/Neurosciences/Podcast

Obstructive Sleep Apnea’s Impact on Comorbid Conditions (Podcast)

Vascular remodeling leaves a multitude of long-term effects


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18-NEU-5887-sleep-study-hero option 1
January 17, 2019/Neurosciences/Research

Two Awards Set the Stage for Sleep Science Innovations

Creating a sleep biophysiologic repository, and studying OSA/QT prolongation links

July 2, 2018/Geriatrics

Age Doesn’t Matter in CPAP Efficacy for Sleep Apnea

Retrospective study fills evidence gap on therapy’s merits in older adults


Are Allergies Disrupting Your Patients’ Sleep?

Study looks at allergic rhinitis and poor subjective sleep


Proteomic Signatures Help Illuminate Links Between Sleep Apnea, Paroxysmal Afib

Studies find altered protein levels associated with inflammation, fibrosis

August 24, 2015/Neurosciences

Inspire: A New Option for Your Patients with OSA

New neurostimulation technology now available

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