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Tag: rula hajj-ali

Redness in the eye caused by anterior chamber inflammation
January 6, 2020/Ophthalmology

Can Patient-Reported Measures Aid Assessment of Disease Activity in Inflammatory Eye Disease?

Study assesses utility of patient-reported outcomes measures in uveitis and scleritis

January 16, 2018/Pulmonary

CNS Granulomata in Common Variable Immunodeficiency

A better understanding and a hope for better outcomes


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16-RHE-2507 Hajj-Ali ConsultQD 650×450

Training Future Rheumatologists in Vasculitis

An important goal of the Center for Vasculitis Care and Research

March 1, 2016/Pediatrics

Susac Syndrome: Pooling Efforts at the Global Level Against a Newly Recognized Disease

Resources include international study and disease registry

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