Rheumatology & Immunology

Medical illustration of hand with discolored fingers
February 27, 2024/Immunologic Diseases

Coexistence of Erythromelalgia and Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Treatment strategies require understanding of pathomechanisms

December 4, 2023/Cancer

First of Its Kind: Oncology Pharmacovigilance Clinic

Multidisciplinary care for patients with immune-related adverse events

Squamous cell skin cancer
November 30, 2023/Immunologic Diseases

Skin Cancer Risk in Immunosuppressed Patients

Education, prevention strategies and monitoring serves this at-risk group

esophageal plaques
November 28, 2023/Immunologic Diseases

Esophageal Plaques and Systemic Sclerosis

Treatment for scleroderma can sometimes cause esophageal symptoms


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Lupus clinic
November 24, 2023/Immunologic Diseases

Coordinated Care, Education and Research

Lupus Clinic providers collaborate to advance treatment and understanding

Psoriatic arthritis
November 21, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

Psoriatic Arthritis: Unlocking the Age Factor

Older Psoriasis Patients May Experience Quicker Transition

Mixed connective tissue disease rash
November 17, 2023/Rheumatic Diseases

A Little Bit of Everything: Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

Cleveland Clinic’s Rheumatic Lung Disease program treats patients with complex conditions

Skin lesions
November 15, 2023/Immunologic Diseases

Case Study: Joint Pain, Angioedema, Confusing Rash

Symptoms complement one another

Virtual coaching
November 7, 2023/Research

Boosting Mental Health Access for Patients with Psoriatic Disease

E-coaching program is tailored for those with the disease

patient consult
November 3, 2023/Vasculitis

Key Elements for Optimizing Care in People with Vasculitis

Evidence-based therapies, monitoring, prevention and more

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