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Surgical Procedures for Enlarged Prostates Help Men Avoid Medications

Study of over 5,000 patients shows type of surgery matters too

November 2, 2016/Diabetes & Endocrinology

Whole-Grain Diet Selectively Lowers Diastolic BP in Overweight Adults Under 50

Study raises prospect of a nutritional adjunct for curbing CV risk

Staphylococcus aureus organism

Infective Endocarditis After TAVR: Pinpointing Risks for a Deadly Complication

Insights in the wake of a large international registry study

TMAO Implicated in PAD Mortality Risk

TMAO Implicated in PAD Mortality Risk

Gut microbe-dependent metabolite linked to another cardiovascular condition


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methicillin-resistant staph organisms

CIED Infections: Know Your Enemy

High rates of methicillin-resistant staph demand vigilance, analysis shows

mitral valve regurgitation

RV Systolic Pressure Shapes Survival in Mitral Regurgitation

Large study carries implications for timing of surgical repair

IVC Filter

IVC Filters: Why They’re Too Often Forgotten in Place

How to ensure someone decides whether and when to remove them

TAVR valve

Do TAVR Valves Have a High Failure Rate?

An expert Q&A on degeneration findings from EuroPCR

Heart Transplant

Type of Underlying Heart Disease Shapes Survival on Transplant Wait List

Findings call for changes to allocation system, researchers say

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