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Photo of Tom Mihaljevic, MD, and Gary Cohn

A Fireside Chat about Digital Technology in Healthcare

Cleveland Clinic and IBM leaders share insights, concerns, optimism about impacts

23-CCC-3827030 Surgeon General visit 650×450(3)
April 20, 2023/Behavioral Health

Confronting the Adolescent Mental Health Crisis: A Conversation with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD

The Nation’s Doctor visits Cleveland Clinic to call attention to urgent public health issues

December 6, 2019/Cleveland Clinic London

Final Beam Placed for Cleveland Clinic London

Construction complete on Cleveland Clinic’s first European facility


Integrated Health Education Campus Fosters Team-Based Approach to Care

Intentionally designed to maximize interaction among students of all health disciplines


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New Health Education Campus Offers Immersive Medical Training

Advanced learning technology augments traditional learning to help students become confident healthcare providers

students in lab

Team-Based, Interprofessional Education Will Prepare Students for the Future of Healthcare

New Health Education Campus designed to encourage interaction and shared decision making

Synder and Mihaljevic

Health Education Campus to Eliminate Physical Barriers Between Long-Time Collaborators

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic share vision of transforming medical education

Why Is Medical Innovation So Critical to Healthcare’s Evolution?

Why Is Medical Innovation So Critical to Healthcare’s Evolution?

A Q&A with CEO and President Tom Mihaljevic, MD

Dr. Tom Mihaljevic performing surgery

Patient Safety: On the Road to Zero

How a standardized checklist is guiding us to fewer safety events

October 5, 2018/Leadership

Tiered Teams Solve Problems In Real Time

How a team of teams can address problems as they emerge

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