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Gender-affirming voice modification

The Role of the SLP in Gender-Affirming Voice Modification for Transgender Women

A Cleveland Clinic speech-language pathologist describes the techniques she uses with her patients and how new research reinforces that patients should be driving care decisions

Transgender clinic
June 24, 2021/Best Practices

Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach to Transgender Care

Following a PCP referral, patients often meet with several specialists, including an endocrinologist who helps them achieve their GAHT goals

transgender teen
May 29, 2020/Pediatrics

Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Improves Body Dissatisfaction in Youth

Puberty suppression and feminizing or masculinizing hormone therapy can have a positive impact on mental health

February 25, 2019/Patient Care & Treatment

Complication Rates and Outcomes following Hysterectomy in Transgender Men

New study finds transgender males undergoing hysterectomy have complication rates similar to cis-gender women


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