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Patient Care & Treatment

Paternalism in women's health

Commentary: Paternalism in Ob/Gyn Practice

How we create obstacles for sexual, reproductive and menopausal healthcare despite our best intentions

hot flashes

A New Family of NK3 Receptor Antagonists Offer Menopausal Symptom Relief

One approved non-hormonal therapy and another on the horizon reduce vasomotor symptoms

Postpartum depression treatment
June 6, 2023/Behavioral Health

Novel Medications Boost Treatment Options for Patients With Postpartum Depression

Multidisciplinary approach starts with early and regular screenings


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Linda Bradley, MD

Race and Ethnicity Affects Care for Patients with Endometriosis

Study shows higher rates of complications, laparotomies among non-white women

inclusive communication
April 12, 2022/Behavioral Health

Language Matters for Optimal Care

Communications around gender, weight and other patient topics require intentionality and awareness

Vaginitis diagnosis

The Art and Science of Diagnosing Vaginitis

Proper diagnosis and treatment require a careful mix of patient and clinical considerations

Woman placing transdermal testosterone patch on thigh

The Role of Androgen Therapy in Female Sexual Health

What is female hypoactive sexual desire disorder and how is it treated?

Woman dispensing hormone replacement gel

Prescribing Testosterone and DHEA: The Role of Androgens in Women

Indications and best-practice recommendations for the use of androgen therapy

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