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A fit sportswoman standing in a gym and taking pre workout pills.

Iron Deficiency: An Under-Recognized Condition in Female Athletes

Risk increases due to dietary restrictions and menstruation

June 15, 2018/News & Insight

Recognizing that Caring for Yourself Is Invaluable

Busy Ob/Gyn shares her wisdom

June 23, 2016/Research

Shared Medical Appointments for Depression and Anxiety: Do They Measure Up to Traditional Visits?

First comparative study of shared vs. individual appointments

Woman running outdoors
December 1, 2015/News & Insights

Gender, Weight and Heart Failure: New Insights on ‘Obesity Survival Paradox’

Only women see benefits of modest excess adiposity


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September 9, 2015/Clinical Trial

Transplant Drug Wins FDA Approval for Rare Lung Disease

Rapamycin stabilizes lung function in LAM patients

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