Busy Being Born: ATS Outstanding Educator on How to Develop a Rewarding Career

Robert Kotloff, MD, channels Bob Dylan in his advice

Robert Kotloff, MD, Chairman of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, describes himself as a “passionate Dylan fan, some might say ‘fanatic.’” When it was time for this recipient of the 2016 American Thoracic Society Outstanding Educator Award to pen an editorial for the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, he turned to Dylan for inspiration. In the lyric “he not busy being born is busy dying,” Dr. Kotloff found the perfect vehicle with which to convey his thoughts on creating an enriching, rewarding career in medicine.

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Dr. Kotloff offers several lessons inspired by the Bard from his 25 years of dedication to medical education:

  1. Cultivate your passion for medicine.
  2. Become a lifelong student.
  3. Maintain diversity in your career.
  4. Maintain a workplace community.
  5. Find great mentors.

For his in-depth advice and wisdom on each of these topics, read the full article here.