Creating the Modern Candidate Experience

Connecting with today’s candidates by delivering what matters most

Modern candidate experience of interviewing virtually

Put yourself in the shoes of today’s job candidate, faced with a myriad of opportunities and job offers, with the opportunity of not just picking where to work, but how to work (onsite, remote, hybrid). It’s truly a new world, and definitely a buyer’s market.


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This presents a real challenge to Cleveland Clinic’s recruiting efforts, which calls for a new strategy. In today’s talent-centered market, how can we better listen to our candidates’ needs and interview preferences?

In other words, how can we meet our candidates where they are? And how can we put our candidates’ needs first?

It’s in our power. In today’s digital environment, Cleveland Clinic will meet candidates where they are by streamlining the entire experience – the job search, application and first recruiter contact.

Changing our mindset

Step one is a shift in our thinking when it comes to recruiting and hiring caregivers. We all know the traditional, “usual” way of recruiting and hiring: posting a position, receiving and reviewing resumes, selecting what seem to be the best candidates, and then setting up interviews with these candidates (either in person or virtually) — all on our schedule.

This process requires a “reboot” for today’s world. We need a new mindset, a new approach.

The new approach

Here’s a glimpse at the old methods for scheduling an interview with a candidate – and some potential new ones:

The old way: “Are you available to interview at 10 a.m. on Thursday?”


The new way: “When would you like to interview with us?”

The old way: “We usually conduct interviews virtually.”

The new way: “Would you prefer a virtual or in-person interview?”

“That’s one new step in the new mindset,” says Kiersten Kanaley, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at Cleveland Clinic. Another involves when the new caregiver will start. “I have a vision in which we change from telling our candidates, ‘Your start date is ___’, to ‘When do you want to start?’’’ she says.

Kanaley acknowledges that this will take some adjustment. “We know how difficult it can be to change the ‘established’ way of doing things. And we also know how good it feels when you do finally get started! It’s about progress, not perfection.”

Transactional vs. transformational

Step two in our new approach to recruitment is to move from transactional connections and relationships with candidates to transformational relationships.

A “transactional” relationship simply involves the temporary conducting of business, of goods for services. There are benefits to both parties, but once the transaction is over, the relationship usually ends.


A “transformational” relationship goes beyond a simple business arrangement – you are changing people’s lives. “You are building a relationship with that person that will last years – perhaps decades,” notes Kanaley. “That’s the effect we are having. It’s a key moment to activate the caregiver value proposition. Today’s talent wants to see their organization cares about them and their work is important.”

Automation is the future, and it’s here

To help us prepare for this new world, a modern candidate experience is here and better than ever – a virtual hiring assistant, asynchronous interviews, SMS pre-screening, real-time self-scheduling for recruiter live video interviews is now the Cleveland Clinic way.

The Talent Acquisition team is now using a digital automated hiring platform. Our caregivers in Talent Acquisition are in the activation phase of this new system, which went live on Aug. 1.

This technological advancement eliminates today’s manual engagement, which causes delays and candidate drop-off. Recruiters will have more time to spend building candidate relationships and understanding what matters most, rather than on administrative duties. Today’s candidate is on the market for hours, not weeks.

“Our goal with the modern candidate experience is to empower our talent acquisition caregivers — help them achieve fulfillment practicing at the top of their profession and creating connections which are meaningful,” says Kanaley. “It’s an exciting time!”

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