April 5, 2018

International Summit Addresses Evolving Field of Urologic Congenitalism

Here’s why you should attend this two-day conference


Specialists in urological congenital diseases from across the globe, including the field’s founding professor, will converge at Cleveland Clinic May 15-16 for a two-day Urologic Congenitalism International Summit addressing the broad cultural experiences and evolving knowledge in this area of medicine.


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All individuals with interest in this area are invited to attend. Visit the summit website to learn more and register.

Myelomeningocele, also known as spina bifida, is one of many complex congenital defects involving the urological system. It is the most common permanent congenital anomaly in the United States. In developing countries, with less access to health care technologies, personnel and disposable resources (e.g., catheters, ostomy appliances), the challenges in caring for patients with these types of complex conditions are amplified. Cultural differences impact care for these patients and their opportunities for living a full adult life.

Multidisciplinary, international faculty

Summit attendees will have the opportunity to learn from a multidisciplinary faculty of international medical professionals. They represent the continuum of care: pediatric urologists, neurourologists, reconstructive urologists, nephrologists, physiatrists, neurologists, gynecologists, psychological professionals and others.

In addition, Prof. Christopher Woodhouse, Professor of Adolescent Urology, University College London, United Kingdom, the founder of the field of congenital urology, will be presenting.


“Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute is proud to host the summit,” says Cleveland Clinic urologist Hadley Wood, MD, Course Co-Director along with Dan Wood, PhD, FRCS, Associate Chief of Staff and Consultant in Adolescent/Pediatric Urology at University College Hospital in London, England. “We must begin to define needs for this group of patients and focus on optimizing their health.” Dr. Hadley Wood directs Cleveland Clinic’s multidisciplinary clinic for adult myelomeningocele patients.

Among the agenda topics

  • Pain and Depression in Adults with Spina Bifida
  • Practical Approaches to Complex Abdominal Wall Problems in Patients with Congenital Abdominal Wall Disease-Myelomeningocele, Prune Belly, Bladder Exstrophy
  • Long-Term Implications of CKD in Adults with Congenital Urologic Anomalies
  • Gynecologic Considerations and Male Genital Considerations


Attendees of summit, which is non-CME accredited, will leave able to:

  • Engage the community in developing and promulgating technical solutions to diagnostic and operative issues these patients encounter in adult life.
  • Share solutions to problems encountered with healthcare systems to improve delivery of high quality care for adult patients with congenital genitourinary diseases.
  • Share best practices in implementation of transition programs, and measure outcomes for transition.

The first day will consist of lectures and Q&A on specific multidisciplinary topic areas that overlap with urological congenitalism. The second day will include case-based and video-enhanced presentations and roundtable management discussions by specialists on the topic. The Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons is the summit’s sponsor.


To download the course brochure or register, please visit: Congenitalism Summit

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