June 24, 2016/Digestive

Lessons Learned from POEM After Heller Myotomy for Achalasia (Video)

A step-by-step walk through this emerging MIS procedure

Laparoscopic Heller myotomy is the standard of care for treating achalasia, but interest is mounting around the emerging minimally invasive technique of per oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) for achalasia, particularly after failed Heller myotomy.


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In this video, Cleveland Clinic thoracic surgeon Siva Raja, MD, PhD, walks us step by step through the POEM procedure after failed Heller myotomy using a wealth of intraoperative endoscopic video footage. Along the way he shares expert advice on maneuvers to overcome scarring, how to deal with perforations and other practical considerations.

“POEM after failed Heller myotomy is safe, with minimal morbidity and excellent short-term palliation,” says Dr. Raja. “Because this is a relatively new technology, long-term data are not yet available, but we look forward to the emergence of those data in the coming years.”


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