Case Study

Surgeons using histotripsy machine
May 6, 2024/Digestive/Case Study

New FDA-Approved Technology Uses Ultrasound Technology to Treat Liver Tumors

Histotripsy is noninvasive and may generate abscopal effect

Ajita Prabhu, MD
January 29, 2024/Digestive/Case Study

Case Study: Repair Surgery for Patient with Hernia and Abdominal Damage

Treating a patient after a complicated hernia repair led to surgical complications and chronic pain

June 30, 2023/Digestive/Case Study

Complex Diverticulitis Case Highlights Importance of Second Opinions

Input from specialists and other healthcare providers is important when discussing quality-of-life improvement options

22-DDI-3150240 Complete mesocolic excision for colon cancer 650×450
November 2, 2022/Cancer

The Case for Complete Mesocolic Excision

Outcome supports procedure’s routine use in colon cancer surgery


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22-DDI-2887482 Low rectal GIST hero 650×450
May 19, 2022/Digestive/Case Study

Case Report: Identification and Management of a Rare Low Rectal GIST

Tumor downsizing and en bloc resection are keys to treatment

22-DDI-2682059 Rosenthal – Bariatric surgery as a bridge to transplant

Case Report: Using Temporary Cardiac Support and Bariatric Surgery as a Bridge to Heart Transplant

Innovative team approach helps patient lose enough weight to receive a donor heart

22-DDI-2684108 ESD after TNT DIAGNOSIS Hero 650×450
April 5, 2022/Cancer

Total Neoadjuvant Therapy Followed by Endoluminal Submucosal Dissection for Colorectal Cancer: A Case Report

Case highlights potential benefits of this staged, dual-therapy approach

21-DDI-2328961 Twisted pouch case series surgical photo 650×450
September 15, 2021/Digestive/Case Study

Unraveling Twisted Pouch Syndrome

Rare complication of IPAA construction leads to discovery of a new syndrome

August 17, 2021/Cancer

Case Report: Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Colorectal Polyp

Endoluminal surgery provides new treatment options

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