Photo Essay: A Nursing Team of Teams

Anticipating each others' needs is one of the top ways nurses define teamwork on the job

In the Cleveland Clinic Euclid Hospital emergency department, nothing demonstrates teamwork in action more dramatically than the sight of caregivers moving together around a seriously ill patient, says Stephanie Millam, BSN, RN. When the team treats an adult in cardiac arrest, Millam says, “it’s all hands on deck. Caregivers are completing chest compressions, a respiratory therapist is assisting with oxygen, a nurse delivers medications, and a team member is there documenting the timing of treatments. Providers at the bedside are making management decisions and leading the care.” Afterward, Millam says, caregivers disperse to continue caring for other patients on the unit.

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Scenes like that play out over and over again in hospital EDs, where nurses and others develop ways of communicating efficiently, anticipating needs and staying focused on the shared goal of patient care.

But teamwork isn’t just for emergencies. It’s the backbone of how nurses support each other and non-nursing caregivers as part of their jobs. Cleveland Clinic photographers recently visited intensive care units, medical units, EDs and postsurgical care units at Cleveland Clinic hospitals across Northeast Ohio to capture nurses in action and to share their perspectives on the qualities of teamwork. Meet some of Cleveland Clinic’s dedicated nurses here and read more about how they view team culture.

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