Nursing Informatics

Electronic health record (EHR)

Nursing Teams Leverage Automation to Improve Workflows, Devote More Time to Patient Care

Customized bots improve speed, efficiency by streamlining daily clinical, clerical tasks


Computers and Compassion (Podcast)

How healthcare technology is reshaping the clinical experience for nurses and patients alike


New Initiative Streamlines Electronic Documentation to Reduce Burden on Nursing Staff

Analysis leads to faster, more user-friendly patient records


Improving the Electronic Health Record Experience for Nurses

Embracing new technology to alleviate documentation burdens


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Nursing informatics
February 23, 2022/Nursing/Nursing Informatics

Why Every Nurse is an Informatics Nurse

Technology is a valued member of the care team

Sarah Croes
September 8, 2021/Nursing/Nursing Informatics

Qualities of Leadership: Sarah Croes

Nursing informatics career brings together love of computer science and patient care

February 3, 2021/Nursing/Nursing Informatics

Innovative Information Card Helps Heart Failure Patients After Discharge

Pre-recorded audio messages reduce readmissions and more

May 8, 2020/COVID-19

Virtual Visits Connect Hospitalized Patients With Family Members

iPads bring comfort during COVID-19 no visitor policies


How Artificial Intelligence is Partnering With Nursing to Provide Care

Nurses welcome machines as newest member of care team

April 15, 2020/COVID-19

Emerging Roles in Primary Care Nursing With Updates Following COVID-19

Executive nurse leaders share examples

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