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Case Study

21-MED-2559478 CQD 650×450
December 10, 2021/Geriatrics

Orbital Fungal Infection: Complex Case Exhibits Keys to Diagnosis and Treatment

An 86-year-old man presented with unexplained right-sided headache and vision loss


Is It Safe to Start Steroids at Home for a COPD Exacerbation After Virtual Assessment?

Careful history and clinical observation are still valuable tools

August 1, 2018/Ophthalmology

Eyes of the Mimicker: Ocular Syphilis

Recognizing and managing ocular syphilis and neurosyphilis


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October 10, 2017/Primary Care/Case Study

Secondary Syphilis – A Case Report

Syphilis resurfaces as a major concern

650×450 Hamilton Phrenic Nerve
August 23, 2017/Primary Care/Case Study

Images of Note: Phrenic Nerve Paralysis

Induced by brachial plexus block

July 31, 2017/Digestive

Images of Note: Grey Turner and Cullen Signs

Ecchymoses from hepatocellular carcinoma

August 10, 2015/Primary Care/Case Study

Statin Intolerance Doesn’t Always Preclude Long-Term Treatment

Subsequent statin trials, intermittent dosing can be effective options

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