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July 26, 2022/News & Insights

Monkeypox Vaccines: What You Need to Know

Distribution is beginning, but there are questions about effectiveness, supply and adverse events

October 11, 2021/News & Insights

Opening of Cleveland Clinic BioRepository Expands Infrastructure for Pursuit of Personalized Medicine

22,000-square-foot facility boosts biobanking capacity for research projects

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March 17, 2021/News & Insights

Daily Dashboard of COVID-19’s Impact Across the U.S.

Stay current with our regularly updated case and mortality tracker

January 26, 2021/News & Insights

A Global Hub for State-of-the-Art Pathogen Research

Cleveland Clinic forms Global Center for Pathogen Research & Human Health


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November 27, 2020/News & Insights

Positive Early Results From Phase 3 Trials of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates

High efficacy reported for vaccine candidates in interim analyses

July 30, 2020/News & Insights

NIH Awards $3M to Develop a Quicker, More Reliable Way to Diagnose Osteoarthritis

Research to investigate non-invasive method aims to identify patients at risk for osteoarthritis

Microbes growing in petri dish
December 31, 2019/News & Insights

A New Approach to Treating Microbial-Related Infectious Disease

Targeting the microbe-host adhesion process

Test tubes
November 26, 2019/News & Insights

Uncovering How Hemeprotein Maturation, Regulation Contributes to Disease

Proteins important in opening blood vessels, storing oxygen and fighting off bacterial infections

Cancer immunotherapy. Source: National Cancer Institute.
December 24, 2018/News & Insights

Statistics Expert Leads National Clinical Trials Task Force

Establishing best practices for seamless trial design

August 16, 2018/News & Insights

Rare Gene Variants Related to Cardiac Dysfunction Identified

Variants uncovered include ADAMTS6

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