Share This With Patients Wary of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19

Short video animation visually explains how the vaccines work

Clinicians need every tool at their disposal to overcome misunderstanding and mistrust of COVID-19 vaccines and shift us closer to high levels of vaccination. To that end, Cleveland Clinic developed the two-minute video below. It uses animated medical illustrations and straightforward text to demystify how the mRNA vaccines work against the virus causing COVID-19. We urge you to share it with patients and your social networks today.

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Another video worth sharing addresses six common myths that persist despite established data. This short video features infectious disease specialist Kristin Englund, MD, Oluwatosin Goje, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in infectious disease, and family medicine physician Kendalle Cobb, MD, and helps debunk six common COVID-19 vaccine myths. Topics covered include long-term effects, fertility, DNA changes, the vaccine development process, relevance for the young and healthy, and breakthrough infections.  Use the links below to jump straight to the myth about which your patient has questions:

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Long-Term Effects?

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Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Harm My Fertility?

Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Change Your DNA?

If I Am Young and Healthy, Do I Still Need the COVID-19 Vaccine?

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Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe Because it Was Rushed?

Do Breakthrough Infections Mean the COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Work?

Find more patient-friendly videos answering common questions about COVID-19 on Cleveland Clinic’s YouTube channel here, including updates about booster shots, child vaccines, breakthrough infections and masks. If your patients prefer reading to watching, engaging, patient-focused articles are updated frequently on our Health Essentials site. Recent topics include using expired COVID-19 tests, reinfections, variants, treatment options, distinguishing between COVID-19 and other common respiratory viruses, long COVID, kids and school and more. A Cleveland Clinic clinician vets each article for accuracy, so you can be sure that your patients are receiving appropriate information.