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Cleveland Clinic Performs Its First HIV Positive to HIV Positive Kidney Transplant Case

Center is among few in Ohio to lead an HIV positive to HIV positive kidney transplant

Kidney disease concept. Viral infection. 3d illustration

New Data Show Transplanting Kidneys From Donors With COVID-19 Is Safe

Kidney transplant surgeon Alvin Wee, MD, MBA, presents findings at AUA meeting

Donor-Derived Renal Cell Carcinoma in a Kidney Allograft: A Case
March 15, 2022/Cancer

Allograft Renal Cell Carcinoma From the Donor: Rare, but Possible

Important takeaways from a rare complication

September 7, 2021/Transplant

Early Successes in Kidney Transplantation From Deceased Donors With COVID-19

Infectious disease and kidney transplant specialists share key insights


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