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July 5, 2022/Neurosciences

Closed-Loop Technology Significantly Helps Some Back Pain Sufferers

Recent FDA approval opens doors for new neurostimulation therapy

ReActiv8 neurostimulation device
March 17, 2022/Back & Neck Pain

A New Therapeutic Approach for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Implantable neurostimulating device helps restore stability to multifidus muscle

Neck manipulation
December 30, 2021/Neurosciences

Noninvasive Treatments for Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Alternative treatments for chronic pain are effective and available, but physicians don't always turn to them as first-line options

Spine model
September 27, 2021/Neurosciences

New Term Proposed for Persistent Back Pain

Committee believes ‘Persistent Spinal Pain Syndrome’ overcomes the clarity and accuracy issues of present ICD-11 codes


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March 25, 2021/Back & Neck Pain

Case Report: Cooled RF Ablation and Cementoplasty for Painful Spine Metastases

Interventional pain management when conservative measures fail

Prioritizing Function Over Pills and Procedures for Chronic Low Back Pain
December 1, 2016/Insight & Perspectives

Prioritizing Function Over Pills and Procedures for Chronic Low Back Pain

New pilot program aims to remake the management model

November 9, 2016/Advancing Patient Care

Can Low Back Pain Be Tamed at the Population Level?

Program pairs PTs with pain psychologists to curb disability

October 13, 2016/Insight & Perspectives

Tapping Behavioral Medicine to Remake Chronic Back Pain Care

Pilot program promotes pain rehab over early interventions

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