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July 19, 2022/Research

Biologics Before Surgery Not Associated With Postoperative Infections in IBD Patients

Latest research reinforces other recent findings showing minimal risk

June 4, 2021/GI

Biosimilar Safety and Efficacy Comparable to Biologic Treatment in IBD Patients

Infliximab-abda offers similar benefits at lower costs

May 25, 2021/Research

Impact of Biologics Use on Bone Loss in Patients with IBD

Results of the largest population-based study to date

August 20, 2020/Cancer

Cutaneous Adverse Effects of Surface-Targeted Monoclonal Antibodies

Side effects and management strategies


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August 11, 2020/Cancer

Cutaneous Adverse Effects of Biologic Medications

TNF alpha inhibitors: cutaneous side effects and management strategies

November 5, 2019/Leadership Highlights

No. 6 Medical Innovation for 2020: Biologics in Orthopaedic Repair

Seeking better long-term results after ACL and rotator cuff injuries

Calabrese- Biologics Summit Continues to Grow
April 25, 2017/Immunologic Diseases

Biologics Summit Continues to Grow

Over 300 attendees address breakthroughs in translational immunology

November 30, 2016/Asthma

Breaking Down Biologic Use in Severe Asthma

Dramatic drop in exacerbations promising

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