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19-CNR-4145 Merkel cell carcinoma 650×450
March 27, 2020/Cancer/Research

Researchers Unlock Keys to Staging and Risk Stratification of Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Leveraging the prognostic significance of sentinel lymph node biopsy histologic patterns


Gene Profile Test Holds Predictive Potential for Early Stage Melanoma Patients

Test helpful for SLN-negative, stage I to IIA and thin tumors

Cleveland Clinic's first total face transplant

The Long Road to Cleveland Clinic’s First Total Face Transplant — and the Path Ahead

Essentials of the case and implications for future transplants

The Biggest Moment in Cleveland Clinic’s First Total Face Transplant

The Biggest Moment in Cleveland Clinic’s First Total Face Transplant

Surgeons recount the instant the OR went from hush to collective sigh


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October 30, 2017/Cancer/Research

Timing of Melanoma Diagnosis, Treatment Critical to Survival

Prompt treatment especially important for stage I melanoma

November 8, 2016/Cancer/Research

Solar Radiation-Induced Changes in MicroRNAs May Trigger Melanoma Progression

Genetic signature could help identify at-risk patients

April 4, 2016/Cancer/Research

Pregnancy Worsens Melanoma Prognosis

Study reveals poorer cancer outcomes in new and expectant mothers

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