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Doctor talking with patient

Managing Chronic Refractory Cough with Nerve Block Injections (Podcast)

Bilateral superior laryngeal nerve block offers new treatment option for patients

June 2, 2023/Pulmonary/Research

Persistent Dyspnea after COVID-19 Infection: Evaluation and Management

Because of the associated symptoms, a multidisciplinary approach to care is essential

Chronic Cough

The Chronic Cough Conundrum

Diagnosing the cause of a chronic cough can be challenging and timely, but multidisciplinary collaboration and the development of new treatments are improving the process

Woman coughing

The Cough That Never Ends: Treating Chronic Cough (Podcast)

Listening to patients and using guideline-based therapies is key to providing relief


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Woman coughing

Treating Chronic Refractory Cough with Superior Laryngeal Nerve Block

The treatment is simple and effective for many patients, but more research is needed to determine the exit-strategy from repetitive injections


Patient’s 25-Year Cough Relieved by Diet and Thermal Depuration

Case study illustrates effectiveness of functional medicine

October 2, 2017/Pediatrics/Research

Groundbreaking Study Shows Important Functional Differences in Calcium Transport Molecule

Controlling molecule could lead to improved cough therapies for kids


Chronic Cough: Our Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

Common causes and sensory neuropathic cough

June 20, 2017/Digestive

Multidisciplinary Clinic Studies Chronic Cough

A closer look at neuromodulators as treatment

December 13, 2016/Pulmonary/Asthma

Advanced Diagnostic Testing, Innovative Treatments for Adults with Asthma

Cleveland Clinic Asthma Center offers comprehensive care

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