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Timing in Acute Stroke Management: Two Analyses Offer Nuanced Insights for Further Study

Retrospective looks at a “direct to angio” MSU strategy and mechanical thrombectomy beyond 24 hours

21-NEU-2258158 IV-tPA-for-ELVO-stroke_650x450
September 8, 2021/Neurosciences/Cerebrovascular

In ELVO Strokes, Giving IV tPA Within the ‘Golden Hour’ Makes It Much More Effective

Retrospective study finds benefits of ultra-early therapy extend to this understudied subgroup

20-NEU-062 mechanical-thrombectomy-for-stroke 650×450
February 20, 2020/Neurosciences/Research

Mechanical Thrombectomy for ELVO Strokes: Best to Stop at 3 Attempted Passes?

Study shows MRI infarct growth surges thereafter


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How Mobile Stroke Units Take Prehospital Evaluation to a New Level (Video)

Study suggests they help bypass hospital transfers for thrombectomy

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January 25, 2018/Neurosciences/Research

Benefits of Ultra-Early IV tPA Extend to Emergent Large Vessel Occlusions Too (Video)

First study of this question supports prioritizing speed in ELVO cases

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