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September 8, 2021/Neurosciences/Cerebrovascular

In ELVO Strokes, Giving IV tPA Within the ‘Golden Hour’ Makes It Much More Effective

Retrospective study finds benefits of ultra-early therapy extend to this understudied subgroup

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January 25, 2018/Neurosciences/Research

Benefits of Ultra-Early IV tPA Extend to Emergent Large Vessel Occlusions Too (Video)

First study of this question supports prioritizing speed in ELVO cases

Streamlined STEMI Protocol Slashes Door-to-Balloon Times
January 25, 2018/Neurosciences/Research

Comprehensive Vs. Primary Stroke Centers: Is There a Quality Difference?

CSCs achieve timelier acute reperfusion therapy, national study finds

January 24, 2018/Neurosciences/Research

Stroke Deaths Plummet as IV Thrombolytic Therapy Surges, Medicare Database Study Finds

One-year stroke mortality rate down by 18 percent over five years


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Advanced Endovascular Therapy for Acute Stroke: The Evidence Is In

New stent retrievers and patient-selection protocols promise less disability and death


MR CLEAN Reports Sparkling Results for Endovascular Stroke Therapy

Study is first to confirm Cleveland Clinic’s approach to treating severe cases of acute ischemic stroke.

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