One Patient, Three Approaches to Fertility Preservation

Although cancer can damage the ovaries, leading to infertility and early menopause, young women with cancer have several options for fertility preservation. Gynecologic oncologist Mariam AlHilli, MD, discusses a case in which three different fertility preservation procedures were conducted to give a young woman her best chance at future fertility.

Endometrial Cancer Outcomes in Women Under 40

Gynecologic oncologist Mariam AlHilli, MD, explains recent research, which confirms that women under 40 with endometrial cancer have more favorable prognoses, though are more likely to recur. The study also found that mismatch repair protein deficiency caused by methylation of the gene MLH1 predicted a worse prognosis.

Time-to-Surgery Influences Survival in Early Stage Endometrial Cancer, Study Reveals

Delayed time-to-surgery has a negative impact on overall survival of women with early stage endometrial cancer, a recent study reveals. Contributors to delay include race, insurance status and facility type. Additional contributors may include increased frequency of preoperative diagnostic testing, individual surgeon case load, lack of surgeon access to a robotic surgery platform, or availability of specialist gynecologic oncologists.

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