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Multiple MRI scans of knees
February 12, 2024/Arthritis

Arthritis Foundation and Cleveland Clinic to Build National Osteoarthritis Imaging Center

Center will coordinate, interpret and archive imaging data for all multicenter trials conducted by the foundation’s Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial Network

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Transcriptomics-Based Study Suggests Metformin Is Repurposable for Atrial Fibrillation

Network proximity and EHR analyses identify diabetes drug as a top candidate for risk reduction

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April 10, 2019/Best Practices

Possible Side Effects of Metformin Use in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Gradual titration and extended release formulation should reduce adverse effects

April 8, 2019/Research

Patient-Specific Therapy Selection Critical in Order to Avoid Intensification Inertia

New study explores intensification inertia in patients with diabetes and above-goal A1C levels


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April 3, 2019/Best Practices

Should Metformin Be Used in Every Patient With Type 2 Diabetes?

An inexpensive pharmaceutical that improves glycemic control is underused

Cleveland Clinic Garners $3.7M AHA Award to Probe Atrial Fibrillation Prevention

Cleveland Clinic Garners $3.7M AHA Award to Probe Atrial Fibrillation Prevention

Aim is to use molecular data to find and personalize targets for preventive therapies

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