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Knowing the signs can save your life

How Autoimmune Disorders Impact Myocardial Infarction Treatment and Long-Term Outcomes

Largest study to date finds lower intervention rates, elevated long-term mortality

Doctor performing bariatric surgery in hospital
May 23, 2022/Digestive/Research

Prior Bariatric Surgery Improves Outcomes in Heart Attack Patients with Obesity

Study finds that inpatient mortality and serious complications are reduced


Platelet Activation Differs Between Men and Women in Myocardial Infarction and Beyond

Findings in both health and MI highlight need for sex-specific pharmacotherapy research


Post-MI Readmission Risk and Causes Vary By Time, Analysis Shows

Findings call for revisiting readmission prevention strategies


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MI in a young female

MI in a Young Female?

Think coronary artery dissection


Intense Anger Can Increase MI Rates, Study Finds

It suggests physicians can help reduce this risk

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