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Center Provides Hope for Patients With Facial Deformity and Paralysis

Collaboration is key to expanding access for patients


The Case for Endoscopic Ear Surgery: What Clinicians Need to Know

Novel surgical approach provides better outcomes for patients

Dr. Jamie Ku is leading a clinical trial for head and neck cancer patients

Managing Pain and Opioid Use in Complex Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Clinical trial to investigate pain management for head and neck cancer patients  


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Improving OSA Outcomes in a New Era of Sleep Surgery

Two studies reveal new insights about upper airway stimulation therapy

August 7, 2019/Cancer

Less is More: Study Discourages Overuse of Imaging in Paraganglioma Surveillance

Study offers new surveillance guidelines for a rare head and neck tumor

June 13, 2019/Neurosciences

Risk of Depression Is Twice as High in Patients With Nonallergic Rhinitis, Study Finds

Physicians caring for patients with rhinitis should be cognizant of association with depression

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