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650×450-Hopkins-ENT (002)
November 22, 2022/Otolaryngology

A Medical Home for Pediatric Patients With Complex Aerodigestive Issues

Multidisciplinary team coordinates, adds efficiencies to care

Before and after images of patient with trivector trasoral trasfacial OTTT.
September 14, 2021/Case Study

Cleveland Clinic Facial Reanimation Surgeons Perform Tri-Vector Reanimation in Pediatric Patient

A team of surgeons helped give a 9-year-old patient with congenital facial paralysis the ability to smile

Child receiving hearing aid
March 30, 2021/Research

Pediatric Unilateral Hearing Loss Can Cause Speech and Language Delay Even in Mild Cases

New research indicates that the rates of speech and language delay is higher among children with mild-moderate unilarteral hearing loss compared to the general population


Study Highlights Red Flags for Referral to ENT for Ear Foreign Body Retrieval

Prompt referral of difficult cases can ensure removal of objects without complications


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