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Tag: same-day discharge

Elderly woman with a disability and a walker exercising
October 13, 2023/Geriatrics

‘No Place Like Home’ for Older Adults to Recover From Hip Replacement

Longer hospitalization does not mean a safer, faster recovery for patients age 70+

Knee replacement incision
January 25, 2023/Orthopaedics/Hip & Knee

At Least Half of Patients Having Total Knee Arthroplasty Could Be Considered for Same-Day Discharge

Odds of major complication are low even for the unhealthiest patients


Study Reinforces Acceptability of Same-Day Discharge for Patients Undergoing Minimally Invasive Sacrocolpopexy

Why setting patients’ expectations and an enhanced pathway might be the key


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Patient Education May Contribute to Same-Day Discharge Success

Preliminary results indicate that a patient education video contributes to enhanced recovery after surgery

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