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Tag: sarcopenia

doctor applying force to patient's forearm to test strength

Offering Rehabilitation Care to Oncology Patients (Podcast)

New oncologic rehab program is tailored to managing the effects of cancer and its treatments

Imaging of ribcage
March 8, 2023/Pulmonary/Research

COPD and Skeletal Muscle Mass: Discovering New Possibilities

Patients with COPD are often affected by sarcopenia, but the underlying mechanisms for the development are poorly understood. New research looks into the causes and potential therapies

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New Study Uses Unique Approach to Gain Insight into Sarcopenia and Liver Disease

Research identifies clustered molecular responses to hyperammonemia

DDI_Mangels_2586210_Dr Dasarathy in Lab_12-14-21_MLC
December 23, 2021/Digestive/Research

Deciphering Sarcopenia

A researcher’s tenacious efforts illuminate this complication of cirrhosis and other chronic diseases


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Scientific illustration of a migrating breast cancer cell – 3d illustration
December 8, 2021/Cancer/Research

Noninvasive Assessment of Sarcopenia May Predict Tolerance to Neo(adjuvant) Chemotherapy in Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity appear to increase risk of early chemotherapy termination

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