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Photo of patient injecting drug into stomach
February 22, 2024/Research

Cleveland Clinic Study Identifies Factors Associated With Long-Term Use of Popular Anti-Obesity Medications

Perserverance may depend on several specifics, including medication type, insurance coverage and medium-term weight loss

illustration showing action of a GLP-1 receptor agonist
November 20, 2023/Preventive Cardiology

Semaglutide Shows Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention Benefits in Patients Without Diabetes

Findings establish overweight/obesity as a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease

December 19, 2022/Preventive Cardiology

New Weight-Loss Drugs Are Poised to Upend Preventive Cardiology Care in Patients With Obesity and Overweight

Two major trials promise key progress against the last unaddressed major risk factor

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