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22-DDI-2987571 Bariatric surgery and cancer research – Aminian_Nissen_650x450
June 9, 2022/Cancer

Bariatric Surgery Substantially Lowers Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers

Study shows linkage between weight loss amount and degree of benefit

January 22, 2019/Insight & Perspectives

Pericarditis: Plenty of Promise Among the Management Challenges

An ultra-practical update on current care strategies and emerging therapies

November 15, 2018/News & Insights

AHA 2018 Essentials: Dr. Steve Nissen on What Mattered Most (Video)

Cholesterol guideline, vitamin D, REDUCE-IT and lipoprotein(a)

October 30, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

Advice for Getting a Start (or Upping Your Game) in Clinical Research

Q&A with the director of our Center for Clinical Research and C5Research group


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September 24, 2018/News & Insights

‘Cardiac Consult’ Breaks the Sound Barrier: Introducing a New Cleveland Clinic Podcast

Weekly episodes to explore cardiovascular research, controversies, practice trends

September 4, 2018/News & Insights

ESC 2018 Late-Breakers That Every Cardiologist Needs to Know About (Video)

Takeaways from essential trials at an unusually notable conference

March 11, 2018/Research

Genetic Analysis of Evacetrapib Outcomes Fails to Confirm Findings with Dalcetrapib

Potential of CETP inhibitors in patients with AA genotype must await outcome trial

Steven Nissen, MD
February 15, 2018/Insight & Perspectives

New Cardiovascular Risk Factors? An Expert’s Take on USPSTF’s Skeptical Position

Draft statement on nontraditional risk factors is a mixed bag, says Dr. Steve Nissen

February 9, 2018/News & Insights

Survey Shows Gaping Silences Around Heart Health That We Must Fill

Nearly half of millennials don’t know what to ask their doctor

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