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April 20, 2023/Behavioral Health

Confronting the Adolescent Mental Health Crisis: A Conversation with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD

The Nation’s Doctor visits Cleveland Clinic to call attention to urgent public health issues

December 29, 2022/Behavioral Health

Study Spotlights Need for Mental Health Monitoring in Pediatric Epilepsy, Especially for Minority Youth

Suicidal ideation elevated in American Indian/Alaska Native and Black populations

March 3, 2021/Behavioral Health

Managing Suicidality in Patients with Neurologic Disease (Podcast)

Treat mood disorder as a separate condition

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January 8, 2021/Pediatrics

Study Suggests Role for Suicide Screening in All Youths With Epilepsy

Suicidality reported by over 10% of pediatric epilepsy patients with no mental health history


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October 2, 2019/Behavioral Health

Analysis of Online Conversations Gives Unique Glimpse Into Epilepsy-Suicide Links

Teens express fears and seek support but are less likely than adults to feel helpless


Suicide in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Guidance on Red Flags and Prevention

Comorbid depression is only one of the likely warning signs

June 20, 2019/Behavioral Health

Suicide Risk and Prevention in Epilepsy: Expert Insights from Dr. Tatiana Falcone

Regular screening, counseling and medications are key strategies

March 6, 2017/Research

Preventing Youth Suicide: Research Collaborative Explores Evolving Strategies

Project PASS aims to reduce attempts, assess services for efficacy

February 21, 2017/News & Insight

Counseling Veterans With Suicidal Tendencies: Four Types of Guilt

Chaplain, healthcare team collaboration is essential

February 9, 2017/Case Study

Harm Beyond the Seizures: A Case Study in Bullying and Childhood Epilepsy

Tips for intervening before epilepsy leads to depression or suicide

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